Roman Lorica Segmentata Armour

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Lorica Segmentata Armour

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Lorica Segmentata Armour

This Lorica Segmentata is Historically Faithful to the Real Roman Armor used in the Imperial Armies of Rome.

This is our premium quality Roman armor piece and is one of the best replicas available in the world today. It is a full weight (26 lbs!) and size replica. This armor is superb, made of 18-gauge High Carbon Mild Steel and is fully articulated and wearable. The high carbon steel lets you polish this piece to a pure shine when on display. We use real C-854 Brass ornaments and accents to further enhance the armor. Each of the Lorica’s shoulder plates are lined with brass. It is quite flexible and allows plenty of freedom of movement.

This Lorica Segmentata also features strong metal hooks that hold up the weight of the torso. These are much stronger than leather straps and will not break.

The leather straps on the upper plate can also be adjusted somewhat to fit different shoulder sizes.


The leather lacing on this piece can be adjusted fit chest sizes of 38″ to 46″
Weight: 25 lb.
Made of 18-guage High Carbon Mild Steel
Full Weight and Size replica
Features Metal Hooks that attach to Torso
Enhanced with real C-854 Brass Accents

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